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Notes and Opinions from Spain


Food of the Gods
An Epic Tale of Love, Chocolate and Bittersweet Revenge

The year is 1492 in the city of Toledo. The newly unified Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon have Spain perched at the precipice of Greatness and madness. Everyday the Inquisition grows in power, destroying the lives of countless Jews and Muslims who have called Spain home for centuries. Meanwhile, an obsessed Genovese adventurer named Cristoforo Colombo promises to deliver untold riches of gold and spices if only the monarchs will sponsor his expedition to find India and the East by sailing west. Caught in the midst of all the upheaval and ambition is Yudah El Hebreo, a politically connected false converso, and his lifelong best friend, Talé, the disavowed son of Spain’s most prominent rabbi (respectively, Nonno and Rabbi Lumaca from the novel Tomato Rhapsody). Yudah dreams of creating a New Israel where the Jews of all of Europe can live in peace, while Talé just wants out of Toledo and a little adventure. When the opportunity arises to accompany Colombo’s expedition, Yudah and his bon viveur best friend literally jump on board.

What ensues is an epic story of love, friendship and bittersweet revenge as Yudah and Talé set out on the adventure that will bring Colombo and the Spanish Empire to its knees and chocolate to the world.